Why do I need to bother about Human Resource Management in My small business?

October 11, 2016



Why do I need to bother about Human Resource Management in My small business?


As a small to medium size business owner you may have asked that question either when you set up the Company or when reviewing your growth plans for the next few years …

In short you may have grabbed a contract of employment that you used to have and used it as a template to create a contract for your staff or got one off the internet. Slotting in their name and address and their job title … you may have even included the date they started and got them to sign it! So your sorted aren’t you! They have their contract and you have a copy and you all know where you stand …


… or do you?


Let’s just suppose that it’s a busy Monday morning and you have a to do list as long as your arm … as usual … because let’s face it you are the best person to sort out that invoice query from your supplier … you’re the best person to ensure there are sufficient supplies in the loos for everyone … you are the best person and the only person to be at the bank manager meeting at 11.00 a.m. but you have always got ‘Natalie’ to answer the phone, do the admin, sort out the wages, send for more stationery supplies and the hundred and one other things she does for you … because she is your right hand girl isn’t she!


Natalie comes in … shuffles a bit and clears her throat! “Boss, can I have that word I wanted on Friday please?” You say “Ah yes can it wait until this afternoon Nat … you can see how busy I am and you will be the same won’t you! And did you go up into the loft space for that old pile of files I asked for?”


Natalie replies, “No I didn’t … you see I can’t really Boss … that’s why I need to talk to you please!”

You stop and look at her … she doesn’t look well! You say, “Oh Natalie sorry you aren’t well, are you … sit down … should you see the doctor?”


“I have actually …”


“Oh”, you say … “and???”


“Well I’m not ill …”


“Oh good”, you say. “But why do you look so ‘green around the gills’ then?”


“Well I’ve some great news actually … Andy and I are expecting a happy event in about 7 months’ time! You see that’s why I can’t just pop up to get those heavy files into the loft area of the 3rd floor of the office block!”


“Oh I understand you say I’ll pop up and do it until you feel better, then you can continue to go up as you have done until you get bigger.”


“Well actually no I can’t until you have carried out the ‘Risk Assessment’ for Health & Safety purposes due to me being pregnant!”


“Oh right yes of course … why do I have to do that?” You ask her.


“Well its part of all the things that need to be done legally to ensure I and the baby are kept safe … and we will need to talk about all the other things that need to be arranged like maternity leave, maternity pay, paternity options etc. etc. etc.”


“Oh yes of course … well we can wing that as we go can’t we and decide between us?”


Natalie responds with, ”‘I’m afraid not … there are legal requirements to be met on both sides so we need to sit down and discuss them … especially as I don’t have any employee guidelines or handbook to look up things … “


You make a firm appointment time with her to go over everything later that day … she leaves!

The door closes!


YOU PANIC!!! Who can I turn to … I don’t have an HR Manager we are too small … who can I call to get effective, easy guidance as I don’t want to get into trouble … Oh my stars how am I going to cope without her? Help!!!


This is just one scenario that could and does happen … more or less. Many Small to medium size companies don’t have or actually need a full time HR team or Manager but they do need cosy effective, realistic advice and help to manage their employees and all the various things that have to be dealt with for you and the business …


This is where Diamic Edge Ltd HR & Business Consultancy can and does help! With cost effective solutions that are tailored to your needs; either for one-off issues, projects or retained monthly hours. HR Solution planning starts from as little as £99.00/month … so you can stop panicking and start working towards getting everything sorted for your ‘Natalie’ or ‘Frank’, or ‘Pete’ or ‘Jane’ … so contact us for your no obligation discussion about your business and HR needs.









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